Little Lost Angeles

When we decided to start our little tour company, we had no idea what 2020 had in store: a global pandemic, lockdown, and most recently rioting. 


We WILL be back. 


However, for that to happen, a few criteria have to be met:


  • Lockdown would have to be fully lifted.
  • Under the current situation, we can't very well take tour groups out. Our flagship tours (Lost French LA and Wild West LA) both venture close to City Hall and through the historic Plaza. The safety of our guests is important to us, and not everyone is behaving peacefully right now.
  • Rules on mask usage would have to be lifted, since our head tour guide can't breathe with a mask on for 2-3 hours at a time. 

When we do resume, group sizes will be limited (probably to 8 guests maximum to keep totals under 10). We'll be switching Lost French LA to mornings, since it's the longer tour and downtown gets HOT in the middle of the day. 


We might choose to keep Wild West Los Angeles inactive for a longer period of time. It does deal pretty heavily with violence and lawlessness, and we're not sure this is the best time for it.


And yes: we do still plan to introduce a third tour that we're very excited about.


In the meantime, we'll keep making miniatures (commissions welcome) and advocating for preservation.


See you soon.

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